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E-Procurement Punchout Catalog for Suppliers

CXML Punchout Catalog development is a rising trend and VBWebSites has successfuly developed and deployed CXML catalogs for various procurement platforms. We are pioneers, launching our first punchout application nearly a decade ago. If your company seeks an ecommerce platform with cxml support and you would like to discuss your OCI or CXML Catalog, Punchout Catalog development or e-Procurement, please contact us.

We offer easy to adapt punchout solutions for any procurement system to enable Punchout via CXML or OCI. One solution to connect to all your buyers, no matter what eProcurement punchout language is required, OCI or CXML.

For detailed information, please visit our exclusive Punchout Catalogs website at PunchOut2Go.com.

For Vendors & Suppliers, Punchout allows your company to reach entities that include The State, Government and larger buying groups. Punchout Orders are produced online in a paperless manner for online procurement. Buyers visit the vendors website via channels from Ariba and or other sources, Our system recognizes these sources and allows the buyer to browse your online catalog / shopping cart. When the buyer adds items “Punchout” and proceeds to checkout, they don’t see traditional checkout methods, but instead “Proceed to Punchout”. Our system then transmits the order back to the source where the buyer completes for e-Procurement. The vendor is notified as defined by the sources and the Punchout order is processed.

Punchout Catalogs

For Buyers, Having access and ability to view a vendors current pricing online simplifies purchase order process through Punchout. Purchase Orders are precisely transmitted automatically online.

A basic punchout install includes: Setup and Posting of a Punchout Catalog, Session for Punchout Users to Shop, Order Punchout (submitting the order to the procurement system), Order Modification (reloading an order for modification).

If your company is able to respond rapidly to your customers' eProcurement initiatives, your company will be well positioned to become their preferred supplier and grow revenues in your accounts.

  • Simplify order collaboration
  • Maximize responsiveness
  • Make catalog content easily accessible
  • Link to backend systems
  • Reach more customers
  • Complement and extend your back-end order management system

Punchout for ARIBA / Other Entities

If your company is seeking e-Procurement tied in with ARIBA, please fill out the form below or contact us so we can get an understanding of your needs and deliverables. Ariba opens up many new opportunities allowing your company to reach out to new avenues.

Punchout for EVA / ARIBA

If your company sells to the State of Virginia or any other state entity that ties into ARIBA then Punchout Catalog Enablement is what you will need for e-Procurement. State of VA e-Procurement - http://www.eva.state.va.us /

Request CXML / Punchout Catalog Consultation


Punchout Methodology for Virginia

PunchOut is a mechanism by which the e-procurement application makes it possible for a buyer to access a supplier's Web site from the buyer's own procurement application. The Commonwealth of Virginia uses the Ariba Buyer application in its e-procurement system “eVA”. The buyer leaves ("punches out" from) the Ariba application and enters the supplier's Web-based catalog which launches supplier’s website within the buyer’s browser frame. The buyer browses the Web-based catalog and adds items to the shopping cart while both applications maintain their connections. No orders are sent to the supplier when the user checks out from the supplier’s Punchout site. Instead, the shopping cart with the selected items is brought back to the e-procurement application.

After the shopping cart is returned, the buyer proceeds through the normal eVA workflow steps, which may include adding additional items to the requisition, canceling or editing the requisition, submitting the requisition, or discarding the requisition. An order is not submitted to the supplier until the buyer has actually added the line items to a purchase order and the purchase order is approved and sent to the supplier.

Punchout... In a nutshell

A Punchout Catalog is a supplier web-site to which a client (client's web-site or other software) can connect to. It's purpose is to enable the client to select and buy products. Typically, the set of products and the prices offered are tailored to the client or system as a whole.

The term Punchout Catalog or Punch Out refers to the fact that it exists outside of the suppliers internal systems, i.e. it's a "punch out catalog"

PunchOut Further Defined:

PunchOut is an e-procurement software application from Ariba that makes it possible for a buyer to access a supplier's Web site from within the buyer's own procurement application. The buyer leaves ("punches out" from) their company's system and goes to the supplier's Web-based catalog to locate and order products, while their application transparently maintains connection with the Web site and gathers pertinent information. A vendor catalog that is enhanced for this process is known as a punchout catalog. PunchOut enables communication between the software and the Web site so that relevant information about the transaction is delivered to the appropriate channels. Ariba based their product on commerce XML (cXML), which comprises a meta markup language and a protocol for data exchange between applications. RoundTrip, from Commerce One, and products based on Open Buying over the Internet (OBI) are similar to PunchOut, and are sometimes referred to as punchout solutions.

There are a number of different e-procurement models. The earliest model relied on a point-to-point connection such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In this model, each buyer or seller might have to adapt their transaction mechanisms separately for each trading partner. Two other models, developed to streamline these processes, are becoming increasingly common: the sell-side model, in which the vendor's information is hosted on their own (or a service provider's) server and accessed from within the buyer's procurement system; and the buy-side model, in which the information from multiple vendors is organized into an application that resides on the buyer's server. PunchOut, and similar products based on the sell-side model, allow buyers to access all the information on the vendor's Web site, rather than the selected information that is collected for the buy-side application.

Relevant Websites for more information are:
Ariba e-Procuremnt
- http://www.ariba.com/
State of VA EVA e-Procurement
- http://www.eva.state.va.us /

If you currently are affiliated with EVA, then you know and understand the importance of having a PunchOut catalog. There has been no real answers on how you were to accomplish this, until now! VBWebSites is very excited to have developed this platform. Our solution allows you to sell to not only EVA or State buyers but also to the general public.

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