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Gearing up for the Season Changes

Virginia Beach is home to our first and oldest clients. In this article we discuss marketing for a company in Virginia Beach.
Released : July 7, 2011

So many businesses face the agonizing challenge of seasonal business. It remains important that companies stay ahead and think ahead instead of waiting for the last minute to position their marketing strategies.

On the web, The general rule of thumb for search engines to "index" your website is 2 weeks. With this in mind, you can better market your company well ahead of the 2 week curve so customers (past, present and future) know about it or can "stumble" upon your website from various searches that may pertain to your industry.

Having the tools to be able to manage your own website is a must these days and our largest increase in website design platforms have been web design with custom content management solutions. Having tools readily available to your company would certainly prove to be a vital aspect of your online web presence.

Here's a Mock Example:

Mock Business Name: VB Heating and Air
Business Type:
Heating and Air Conditioning
Business Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Heating and Air conditioning companies in Virginia Beach, Virginia know that they see peaks of business in the beginning of summer and in the frigid months of winter. With that being said, location also plays a factor and for this purpose of the mock example we are focusing on Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Knowing that a spike in business is inevitable in October/ November as temperatures drop in Hampton Roads Virginia (greater Virginia Beach) it would behoove the VB Heating and Air owner to start a soft marketing push in September or possibly sooner so VB Heating and Air is ahead of the competition and could see a earlier peak in business. Then a heavier campaign may start shortly thereafter. With this simple tiered marketing plan, it gets to the audience initially and when they see it the next time they hopefully will remember they meant to call and need to call on your services.

Beyond simply updating the website, we would want to include social media, email marketing and possibly online advertising such as adwords. With Google Adwords for instance, we could devise for example, a campaign that would only reflect to users that searched specific keywords within a geographical area. This VB Heating and Air company for instance may only service a 30 mile radius of their corporate office and this could be setup and only reflect ads to relevant search terms within the 30 mile radius.

From campaign to campaign, we help our clients by paying close attention to reporting systems to see what actually works. Our clients spend their advertising dollars wisely.

A good proactive measure you can take is look at Google Trends and search terms related to your company. The example below shows search trends for "heating" in 2010 for Virginia.

Google Trends

There are so many opportunities and initiatives that can be taken by companies of all walks of life in any industry and what's even cooler is everyday we open up new channels that in turn make our clients, happy clients.

Teaming up with a website design company that has proven results and the desire to actually work close with your company, would greatly position you ahead of the competition. We would love to discuss your business and find methods on the web of increasing your productivity and bottom line. Contact us

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