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WJ Colt Outfitters

Visit WJ Colt Outfitters Website - http://www.wjcoltboots.com/

WJ Colt Western Outfitters came to VBWebSites to migrate their products over from an outdated eCommerce system to a new flexible and robust platform that would benefit their company. WJ Colt Boots has two Brick and Mortar Western Stores in Northern Virginia. Their ability to not only stock products but completely understand the industry was a homerun for their web initiatives.

"VBWebSites did a great job for our retail ecommerce site. Their integrity and knowledge has helped us continuously on our website. They are always helpful with any questions or problems we face. We would recommend VBWebSites to anyone." Sebastian Kim, Owner WJ Colt Boots

Our design was inspired by Western Scenes, Horses and Mountain terrain. We developed a migration tool so that we could import their products (about 2000) with options, categorization, pricing etc.

Beyond the website we have devised a marketing plan that has already proven to be a successful endeavor for our clients at WJ Colt Outfitters. This new website also includes a mobile e-Commerce design. Visit it from your Iphone, android etc.

Prior to VBWebSites, WJ Colt Boots had several websites that didn't accomplish anything. Within 3 days of launch, orders started coming in. The ROI (Return on Investment) was 30 days. WJ Colt Boots is now looking at taking on more staff to handle the influx of orders that they receive. Not only did VBWebSites make a big impression for WJ Colt Boots but we also created an environment that will stimulate the economy. It was a Win, Win for all involved.

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